Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Depression is like a shadow,

It may come and go,

Suddenly it will disappear,

In a flash, loud voices will blow.

Why do we hide it?

When we already know,

Where did it rise from,

Is what we need to show.

It is not a shame,

Nor something to sham,

It can make life harder,

And take away all the glam.

Mental health is rarely a talk,

Let's voice it like written in rock,

Let's vouch to spread the word,

And stop all from being an ignorant herd.


Thursday, 21 January 2021

Words Left Unsaid

You asked why not?

I said but how?

Do you still,

Think about it now?

We were young and naïve,

We were fun and felt like greave.

Things hurtful were felt,

But everything was gracefully dealt.

Words were left unsaid,

But what mattered was the heed we paid.

Did you try to hear

What I never said?

Did you try to phrase

What you wanted me to hear?

Its been a while since we did 'us',

May be write to me sometime,

May be describe a moment,

May be pass on a comment,

May be fill in the spaces 

Which were left void.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021


Departures are hard,

They make me feel like you are miles apart,

Just ten feet away,

You have that piece of paper,

Which I do not,

Called the boarding pass,

Drives me to think we are drifted by class.

That last hug, that last tear,

I wish you come back every year,

To start things again,

To kiss me gently during the rain.

Please tear up that piece of paper

You are holding so tight,

To board that flight,

Of your dreams.

Please come back to me once,

Because departures are hard

And they make me feel we are miles apart.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

You Are There

You are there,

I am here,

Will we again meet somewhere?

You were there,

I was there,

We had called it forever near.

But then came a turn,

Which seemed like a burn,

We tried going back with lot of yearn.

But faith had a plan,

It put us through different clan,

Now, when I think of how it began,

It brings about a smile like a magic wand.

You are there,

I am here,

Will we ever meet somewhere?

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Illusion of Permanence

In today's ever changing world,
Have you ever wondered 
That we assume a lot of things to be permanent.

baby gives out a happy giggle
The moment he is thrown into air by his loved one,
Without the fear of falling down or getting hurt. 

There would have been times,
When we would have believed a fictional story
Or related it to our lives,
Like our creation was meant to be the beautiful tori.

How we trust that one person,
To be with us forever,
Until we break faith,
And the relation becomes a whatsoever.

How I wish the illusion was permanent
So that our existence felt like firmament.
But its great that we are open to be amazed,
The message lies in the universe's ways
That we are creatures not to be caged!

Tuesday, 29 December 2020


Have you ever noticed, 

How clouds just go,

With the flow?

Have you ever seen 

How they form shapes?

Sometimes into a dinosaur

Sometimes like lions that roar.

How I wish I could touch them,

Turn them into, a shape of my choice.

But its inordinate to see that they nestle

With so much poise.

So if I gave you the choice to unsheathe a cloud,

What would you draw out loud?

Would it be a shining star,

Or a glorious car?

Let us run our fascination wild,

Like a two year old child.

Let the creative juices flow,

So that, just like the clouds,

We are on the Go!


Thursday, 2 July 2020

Humble Beginnings

With the doors closed,
And the face masked,
Let us call these humble beginnings,
Instead of frightful times.

Let us create eminent memories,
Let us connect more,
Let us wander into our thoughts,
And design our own clay pots.

Let the wind chime create music,
Let us let our hair loose,
Let us treat this phase as a pause,
Where we can re-device, reorganize
So that we can re-play later.

Let us chance upon new ideas,
Let's pour up the breakfast with chias,
Let us call these humble beginnings,
Instead of horrid times.


Depression is like a shadow, It may come and go, Suddenly it will disappear, In a flash, loud voices will blow. Why do we hide it? When we a...